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This meeting is  organized by the “Transgenic rats” core facility, SFR François Bonamy, Biogenouest, TEFOR and IBiSA. The quality of the speakers is of the highest international level. The meeting will give the opportunity to update information on techniques and models in transgenesis and genetic engineering.It is intended for Master, PhD and medical students with a background in molecular biology and genetics as an introduction to future work in these rapidly developing areas of research. It is also intended for post-docs and scientists already working in certain of these fields and who are interested in expanding their knowledge on the potential applications of these new techniques to their models or in neighbouring pathophysiological models of analysis of genes or diseases using genetically modified animals. 

Ignacio Anegon
Local Scientific Correspondant
Séverine Ménoret
Local Organization Commitee
Séverine Rémy, Laurent Tesson, Tuan Huy Nguyen,Laurent David, Claire Usal, Vanessa Chenouard, Laure-Hélène Ouisse, Lucas Brusselle